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Die Hard

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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4 / 5
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July 1998
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Die Hard (1988)
John McTiernan
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Tired Metaphors

I could hurl cliche after cliche at you to describe Die Hard, but I'm not sure it would convince you to see it. We are talking about a "roller-coaster" of a movie, with exciting action scenes and a very likeable hero. It's spawned a bunch of imitators and a few worthy sequels: Die Hard 2 and Die Hard: With a Vengeance. Is it really meaningful for me to further try to convince you?


If you really think about it, two things made this movie great, and one of them was the villain. Forget the creative choice of target, well-laid plans, and weapons galore. It's Alan Rickman's performance that set the standard for movie villains for a few years. He marked the introduction of the intelligent, fast-thinking crook who had apparently used all that intelligence to get over any conscience that he might once have had. The character's nonchalance at making decoy demands is a great touch.


Looking back at his filmography now, it's hard to imagine what would've inspired anyone to cast Bruce Willis as the hero of an action flick like this. He had demonstrated comic capabilities on "Moonlighting", but his film credits were either nothing special or pointed elsewhere.

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