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About Scott Ventura's Site

As I have put way too much time into the creation of my site, I feel like detailing some of my labor.


In some senses, I'm a real luddite. I believe that the web is an amazing way to deliver information to a large number of people. I also believe that site authors should do everything possible to make all people with web browsers part of their audience. I refuse to require my audience to have anything special to view my site. I don't use plug-ins, and I keep my HTML and CSS simple. I do this because I want the information on my site to be available to people running whatever browser they want (and not just the latest version of the big two) on whatever kind of computer they want with any size, resolution, and font combination they want. Can your site say the same?

If you want more reasons to make your site browser-independant, or resources to help your site become browser independant, try the Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW or my own list of web design links.


I'm into text editors. Everything you see on the site has been done in some combination of emacs and vi. Now that I've discovered the ange-ftp features in emacs, I'm using pure vi less often and viper, one of the vi emulators in emacs, more often.

I've been using my own Site Generator since May 1997. It allows me to make site-wide changes quickly and easily. I've contemplated using something else, but inertia is a powerful thing.



Now that I've finally settled on a domain, my addresses should remain pretty stable. Thus, you won't have to change your links or bookmarks unless they point to,, or The dinks that bought out MailZone have messed up the link scheme, so links to no longer work. I don't think there are any links still pointing there to begin with.

Hosting Services

My site is currently being hosted on pair Networks. I find their Webmaster-level account to be an excellent mix of bandwidth, disk space, programmability, uptime, and price. There are some other hosts that are probably better for certain people, but I can't imagine switching.

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