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Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


Scott's Rating:
2 / 5
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Viewing Date:
January 1999
IMDB Name:
Supercop (1996)
Stanley Tong
MPAA Rating:
R for some violence.


Ask any fan of Jackie Chan which one Supercop is and they'll tell you "The one with the motorcycle." I'd heard about this one sequence that was supposed to blow my mind: a motorcycle jumping onto the top of a moving train. Well, they do it, and I was ready for it, but somehow it just wasn't that fantastic. Truth be told, stuntwork doesn't impress me nearly as much as hand-to-hand combat, and that's why I was so disappointed by Supercop. Don't even ask me about the plot. I'll just tell you that, as usual, none of these folks can act their way out of a paper bag. Jackie's a charmer, but only when he's fighting, and he just doesn't get to do his share of fighting.

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