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Lost in Space

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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1 / 5
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October 1998
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Lost in Space (1998)
Stephen Hopkins
adventure, sci-fi
MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for some intense sci-fi action.

Throwing Away Assets

I have to think that Vin Burnham was not on good terms with the cast of Lost in Space. Burnham's name probably won't ring a bell, unless you're confusing her with Lester Burnham from American Beauty. She was the designer for the space costumes. Over and over, I kept thinking about how ugly the space outfits were. Assuming overhead light, the costumes featured dark patches where there would be shadows anyway. The exaggeration of depth did not flatter anybody! This cast had people who should've been attractive, but weren't. The cinematography was on the miserable side, too, so perhaps the costumes anticipated proper illumination.

The cast, appearances aside, should've been able to turn in a reasonable performance. Mostly, they seem unhappy to be on the set, and unable to muster emotion. Heather Graham, so good in Boogie Nights, just looks miserable, even when we're supposed to believe she's developed the hots for the arrogant Don West, played stiffly by Matt LeBlanc. We have Gary Oldman here, for crying out loud! This is a man who could do great villains in his sleep, but here he lacks the energy that sets him apart. Watch his performances in The Professional, Air Force One, and Fifth Element and you'll see the extra ticks he uses to imply that extra level of mania. Unfortunately, his character here must not have been evil enough even while the script was being written, because the last bit of the movie replaces a great actor with a special effect. Not wise!

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