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Air Force One

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August 1997
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Air Force One (1997)
Wolfgang Petersen
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R for violence.

I think that Harrison Ford is getting a little too old for the action they keep writing him into. While he is well cast as a president, he just doesn't look quite right doing all of those stunts. Don't get me wrong, I'm amazed that he does his own, but it's no longer as impressive as it used to be. He also looks too old to have Wendy Crewson for his First Lady, which detracts a little from the believability of the role.

Having said all that, Air Force One is a blast. Gary Oldman is great. Wolfgang Petersen directs the action very well, but the on-the-ground bickering between Glenn Close and Dean Stockwell is horribly done. See it for the action, which is well written and goes right up to the very end (actually, there are a few points where it seems like the movie could end, but they always bring in an extra twist to keep it going), but don't expect the quality of The Fugitive.

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