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June 1999
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Heathers (1989)
Michael Lehmann
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In Crowd

The joy of Heathers lies in the biting view of high school. The primary characters are merciless teens who drip with acid. Lines like "What's your damage?" sum up the attitudes prevalent during that most trying period of growing up. The movie doesn't pretend that anyone is nice or supportive, especially when they've reached the top of the heap. Westerberg High is not a happy place to be for anyone except maybe the Heathers, the three girls that rule the student body.

Good Things Come In Small Parts

The film is not particularly strong in its acting with the exception of Kim Walker as Heather Chandler. Her spirited performance is the most enjoyable in the film, making it a shame that she gets so little screen time. I should also give credit to the cast playing the school officials. They bring a powerful ennui to the screen, not unlike that shown by the students in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. There's also an interesting appearance by Glenn Shadix as a priest trying to bring the Word to the people in some bizarre hipster way. Shadix isn't particularly famous, but I'm always amused when I see him.

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