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February 1999
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54 (1998)
Mark Christopher
MPAA Rating:
R for sexuality, drug use and language.


I did not have high hopes going into 54. I had previously endured Last Days of Disco and not enjoyed it one bit. I knew that nostalgia for the time would be in short supply. Although not the yawn-fest that Last Days of Disco was, I still didn't get very excited here.

The Amazing Mr. Myers

The centerpiece of the movie isn't any of the young stars. It's Mike Myers. Having typed that sentence, I must now admit that Myers was only thirty-five when the movie came out. Regardless, his portrayal of Steve Rubell is really cool. I won't pretend to know how he should have played Rubell for accuracy, but the character is fantastically enjoyable here. I kept thinking "This is Mike Myers?" Not known for roles calling for great depth, this is an excellent characterization.

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