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3 / 5
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July 2000
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X-Men (2000)
Bryan Singer
action, sci-fi
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PG-13 for sci-fi action violence.


If X-Men wishes to establish that mutants are just like people, then it fails miserably. I realize that we are dealing with characters who have been around for a while in comic books and "X-Men", but they just look silly when they call each other by handles. I was particularly frustrated that Rogue, only barely aware of her power, immediately adopts a moniker even before she's really met another mutant.

Despite some of the ridiculous dialogue, most of the performances are reasonably good. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are somewhat underused, but they make great elder statesmen of mutanthood. Hugh Jackman definitely has a long career ahead of him based on his performance as Wolverine. On the other hand, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos probably needs to have a long talk with her agent about getting roles where she is more than just a pretty body in too much make-up.


If I can say nothing else, I can at least say that X-Men looks good. The scenery and special effects are top shelf. The underground portion of Xavier's school is nifty, even if we don't see too much of it. Magneto's lair is similarly neat, though more for its simplicity. Some of the usual levitation tricks are employed, although Toad's wall-climbing ability is probably among the slickest. There are some scenes that feel unnecessarily dark, as though the filmmakers are afraid the effects won't work in the light of day.

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