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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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January 1999
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Robert Zemeckis
animated-feature, comedy, mystery
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Cartoon Dream

One of the great joys of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the liberties with cartoon characters afforded the creators. Pitting Daffy Duck against Donald Duck in a vaudeville sketch is really clever. Only Cartoon Network does a better job of integrating characters from multiple sources. The new characters get to take some liberties past kid-oriented cartoon limits, and it's a delicious joke that the trouble begins with evidence of patty-cake.

The integration of the live action actors, especially Bob Hoskins, is very smooth. Imagining Hoskins acting out the scenes without the characters present adds an extra layer of amazement at his accomplishment. The writing may be a cliche, but Hoskins fills the part very well, and watching his scenes with Roger, there's no doubt that Roger is there. Hoskins never errs in the presentation.

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