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Toy Story

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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5 / 5
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February 2000
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Toy Story (1995)
John Lasseter
adventure, animated-feature, comedy
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Toy Story was the first feature-length movie completely done on computer. Since then, there have been two ant movies and a sequel, but Toy Story started it. In tackling such a daunting project, the first smart move was to have most of the cast be man-made, and thus easier to simulate. The second bonus of basing the movie largely on existing toys is opening up an avenue for adult enjoyment. In addition to all of the references to classic toys, Toy Story has original songs by Randy Newman, a flawed hero voiced by Tom Hanks, and a barely disguised William Shatner parody voiced by Tim Allen. Toy Story is kid compatible, but not at the expense of an older audience, making it an excellent family movie.

Eye Poppers

The combination of engrossing suspense and extraordinary rendering occasionally make it possible to forget that Toy Story isn't live action. The opening play sequence with Andy and Woody is flawless, save the over-simplified human. The plastic surfaces on the toys look uniformly wonderful. Buzz's glow-in-the- dark trim and Bo Peep's skin are prime examples.


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