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A Shot in the Dark

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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4 / 5
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September 2000
IMDB Name:
Shot in the Dark, A (1964)
Blake Edwards
comedy, mystery
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Incomparable Inspector

Despite his appearance in silhouette on the cover, A Shot in the Dark is not a Pink Panther movie. The famous theme, the cartoon cat, the diamond, and most of the characters are gone. It does, however, reteam writer/director Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers to create another movie for Inspector Clouseau, and for that, I am grateful. Clouseau is far and away the main character here, and he has only Commissioner Dreyfus to compete with for attention. Sellers puts on a terrific performance, demonstrating just how much of a nuisance he can be. He plays the ridiculous character with the utmost sincerity, and his physical humor is always a joy. Herbert Lom's role as the commissioner demonstrates a phenomenal mastery of his face, used to summon tics and twitches that perfectly portray his darkening mood. The rest of the cast deserves medals for not cracking up in the face of Clouseau's antics. Shot in the Dark is also the introduction of Burt Kwouk's Kato, whose attacks are so enjoyable as well.

DVD Comments

I sometimes like not needing to knock a disc too much. Although almost completely devoid of extras, the disc for A Shot in the Dark is otherwise fine. The menu design is clear, easy to use, funny, and appropriate to the film. English and French audio and subtitles are available. The theatrical trailer is presented in widescreen and clocks in at almost four silly minutes, using mostly animation done exclusively for the trailer! In fact, the trailer has more jokes of its own than it does jokes from the movie.

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