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Real Genius

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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1 / 5
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August 1999
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Real Genius (1985)
Martha Coolidge
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I take great pains to not read other opinions of movies between seeing them and writing what I have to say about them here. I rented Real Genius because it earned high marks from Roger Ebert and because of a recommendation from a friend. It kills me now that I won't let myself ask either of them why! I was mostly bored by the proceedings, and spent more time picking out signs that the movie was made in the mid-eighties than I did enjoying it.

What's to like? Geeky science majors are being exploited by the military by way of an arrogant professor. I will give the movie points for creativity on a few counts, like the water slide in the auditorium and the final revenge on the professor. After that, very little is interesting. There's nothing thrilling about building the laser, and the characters are too cardboard to get interested in. Even a clowning Val Kilmer gets boring.

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