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Legally Blonde

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4 / 5
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April 2002
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Legally Blonde (2001)
Robert Luketic
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Legally Blonde is a relentlessly cheerful movie. It's hard to watch it for any length of time and not feel happy about watching it. Even as higher brain functions struggled to make me mad about the plot contrivances, I was won over by the film's charm. As I am frequently the kind of person who thinks too much about the movies I watch, it's a considerable force that wears down my resistance so throroughly. Between Sophie de Rakoff Carbonell's outstanding costume design, Joy Zapata's hair design and Reese Witherspoon's performance, this film sets a new land speed record for chipper. I was especially delighted by the massive differences between Witherspoon's Elle and her characters in Freeway and Election. It may not seem like such a big deal to play an airhead, but here she has to play a genius with the mannerisms of an airhead, a far bigger challenge.

Legally Blonde has plenty of inspired casting choices in addition to Witherspoon. Jennifer Coolidge tones down her sexuality from Best in Show to generate a meek but funny character here. James Read and Tane McClure might not get much time on screen, but they fill in the roles of Elle's parents perfectly. Luke Wilson gets points for reminding me of his brother's priceless work in Meet the Parents and Shanghai Noon. I'm always happy to see Alanna Ubach, no matter how small the part.

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