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5 / 5
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September 2000
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Interiors (1978)
Woody Allen
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Cutting Truth

I bow down before Interiors. It is the most intense ninety minutes of drama I've ever seen, and is almost unwatchably emotional. Woody Allen has created a cathartic film for the audience, while trapping the characters in cold spaces and difficulties with relationships. As their family unit breaks apart, they can do almost nothing to escape, and Allen captures that in a heartbreaking way while simultaneously presenting beautiful image after beautiful image. The movie is also eerily quiet and, with one notable exception, devoid of music.

The title of the film alludes to the decorating skills of the family's mother. Every space she's worked on is done in a chilly color scheme both reflecting and shaping those who occupy them. I am, by profession, a fairly literal person. Symbolism is so often lost on me that I'm surprised when I recognize it almost immediately. Interiors is a powerfully visual film, so much so that I picked up on not just the beauty, but also the message. I'm not used to thinking of Allen in that way, but he's quite adept.

The casting for Interiors is marvelous. There isn't a single bad performance throughout. In many regards I wish the human condition did not require them to play these painful parts so well. To mention what each does well would simply turn into a roll call of insufficient accolades.

DVD Comments

The Interiors DVD is as sparse as most of the sets. There are French and Spanish subtitle tracks and a Spanish dub. I am disappointed at the absence of English subtitles, and I consider same-language subtitles to be a must on every disc. The trailer is available, but is full-screen and is very dark. The menus are acceptable, but moving from the screen-by-screen portion of the scene selector to the scenes on that screen is somewhat poorly done.

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