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The House of Yes

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


Scott's Rating:
3 / 5
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Viewing Date:
January 1999
IMDB Name:
House of Yes, The (1997)
Mark S. Waters
MPAA Rating:
R for language, perverse sex-related situations, and an image of violence.

From Stage to Screen

House of Yes started life as a play by Wendy MacLeod and was brought to the screen as the directorial debut of Mark S. Waters. With the exception of a short flashback sequence, the entire movie happens in a creepy house lit moodily enough to explain the insanity of its residents. The movie is heavy on dialogue, but it's good dialogue, and I enjoyed the delivery of it. Hey, good writing! Wow!

Oh, Jackie!

Parker Posey steals the movie. I'd previously seen her in Clockwatchers and Waiting for Guffman, two movies that I recommend unconditionally. Once again, she takes a character just a little bit off balance and adds enough energy to push the performance over the edge.

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