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Dr. No

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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February 1999
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Dr. No (1962)
Terence Young
action, james-bond
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The movie doesn't go anywhere in a hurry, but stays one step ahead of boredom. Since I'm relatively new to the Bond genre, I didn't know that was what to expect. The pacing gives time for gentle moments to be played gently, and it feels natural. The fight scenes don't progress at a strange pace, nor do they seem entirely faked.

Sean Connery practically waltzes through his role as James Bond. Maybe saunter would be a better word. His easy charm and classy approach to every movement make the character interesting beyond most action heroes. The cloak and dagger techniques employed by Bond are simple but effective, and the effortless execution by Connery is very nice.

DVD Comments

Most of the transfer looked pretty good. A big exception, though, was right at the beginning. Some of the synthetic graphics in the title sequence suffered from noticeable striping oddities. This might be the result of the conversion to 30 frames per second.

The menu system is a bit strange, especially in the "Declassified" section. It's nice to jump to the introduction scenes of gadgets, characters, and vehicles, but the selection indicator is both ugly and hard to spot without first moving it. As seems to be the case with all MGM DVDs, the aspect ratio must be selected before anything else happens.

See the IMDB information on Dr. No's DVD.

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