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Buffalo '66

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


Scott's Rating:
5 / 5
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September 2000
IMDB Name:
Buffalo '66 (1998)
Vincent Gallo
comedy, drama
MPAA Rating:
R for language, strong violent images and scenes involving nudity.

Logical Conclusion

Buffalo '66 is a movie built mostly on a cast of colorful characters. It is the most bizarre story of redemption I've seen in a long time, and in a way, the most satisfying. The hero is a man with significant issues. We see how he became such a freak after meeting his parents and seeing a few flashbacks. After a few years in prison, he wants nothing more to impress his parents, a Sisyphean task at best. A great deal of comedy stems from his lack of concern about having done nothing to back up his lies and his lack of need to have done so. That he has kidnapped a wife who, in a few minutes of pretending to love him, seems to actually fall for him is gravy. This is as quirky as comedies get, and while it has a tragic undertone, it's still a lot of fun.


I've never seen Vincent Gallo before. At least, not that I can recall! He has a disquieting face that sets up the kind of character we can expect. Mickey Rourke and Jan-Michael Vincent (hey! It's that guy from "Airwolf"!) put in less-than-glamorous cameos. The film kicks into creepiness overdrive with the cinematography by Lance Acord. Colors are destroyed and the grain is enormous. Unlike the Annoy-O-Cam in The Watcher, Buffalo '66 uses these to good dramatic effect. There are also some interesting multi-screen shots, especially in the transitions to and from flashbacks. The result is the perfect low-budget feel to go along with the low-budget lives of the characters.

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