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1 / 5
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March 2000
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What? (1973)
Roman Polanski
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Going, Going, Gone!

Some movies are titled in such a way that certain comments are inevitable. Appropriately enough, I am thoroughly confused by What? I suspect that Roman Polanski was thinking something like Peter Greenaway while making this. With Greenaway, I know that the jokes and concepts are squarely beyond my knowledge. What? seems to be about nothing more than its own wackiness. There is certainly nothing resembling a plot, and the characters seem more like abstract constructs than people. They represented types of people without actually having any humanity in them. I must wonder, though, what people thought of the censored version, known as Diary of Forbidden Dreams, because having less material can't possibly make this movie any easier to understand. What? almost certainly deserves its obscurity, to be trotted out only when trying to make a good (or at least famous) director look bad.

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