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2 / 5
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August 1999
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Tootsie (1982)
Sydney Pollack
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Dirty Soap

Tootsie is stuck in limbo. It seems perfectly poised to mock daytime soaps, or at least gender biases, but goes after neither, choosing instead to fret over the difficulties of falling for someone while they think you're someone else. While this makes for an interesting script, I couldn't get into the romance as a comedy. With the exception of casting Dabney Coleman as a director, soaps are treated with kid gloves right up until the ad libbing during the live broadcast at the end. Those looking for a good parody would do much better with Soapdish when cruising for rentals.

Uncanny Resemblance

I was confused for a bit. I saw Geena Davis at some point, then saw Jessica Lange. Somehow, I got the two mixed up. I only worked it out when I realized one had dark hair and the other had light hair. Does anybody else see a resemblance?

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