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Slumber Party Massacre III

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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3 / 5
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April 2002
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Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)
Sally Mattison
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Slumber Party Massacre III is the third in a string of slasher flicks written and directed by women. I don't really know what happens in the first two, but the last one features a killer who favors a large power drill as the weapon of choice. Some have remarked that this film is a feminist slasher movie because the killer's all-too-phallic murder instrument is turned against him. I would expect enlightenment to manifest itself in female characters who displayed shreds of intelligence on a regular basis. I wouldn't have to phrase it like that if that was the way these people were written. The pattern most used by the cast is to attack the assailant with some improvised weapon, then to drop it. They have about a dozen opportunities to disable the guy, even without hurting him more, but they're always too preoccuppied with "escaping", even though they have no clue how to get away. SPM3 is not without its charms, but it's hard to recommend. The killer's motivations seem a bit underdeveloped, although they might've been more thoroughly dealt with in the earlier entries in the franchise. I can't really imagine going to back to confirm it, excepting the possibility of the mild thrills from what little nudity there was. Alas, this was the only one that had the testimony of Joe Bob Briggs on the cover.

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