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June 2000
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Shaft (1971)
Gordon Parks
action, crime
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I Can't Dig It

I am glad I don't dole out any form of quantitative ratings, because the original 1971 Shaft exists in a realm which I feel I have little business reviewing. I don't say this because it falls in the blaxploitation genre. I say this because so many elements of the movie strike me as inappropriately funny that I am forced to conclude that I am not right for the job. There were many moments when I felt like I'd missed the boat. All I could think about while listening to the songs by Isaac Hayes is Chef from "South Park". Based on the lyric "He's a complicated man, nobody understands him but his woman" in the theme song, I expected his woman to be clever and strong, but "understands" in this case has been redefined to "is available for sex when he feels like a machine". What can I possibly say that can top this? If for no reason other than to understand later parodies, I'm really glad to have seen Shaft. There's a joke in UHF that I finally understand, probably ten years late.

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