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4 / 5
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July 2003
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Hopscotch (1980)
Ronald Neame
comedy, suspense
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Information Theory

The majority of the characters in Hopscotch are spies. Part of the trick of the intelligence game is to make sure that your actions don't reveal everything that you know. If the enemy can figure out, for instance, that you've broken their codes, they will know it's time to change their codes. It is sometimes just as valuable to not change the codes if you plan to send fake messages through that channel, intended entirely for the enemy to read. I'm sure real-life spies are as conscious of information theory as the hero, but this film would be much, much harder to follow if written that way. Instead, we get to see a spy whose every action is carefully planned to send a certain message.

The movie centers around the magnificent Walter Matthau. His face is endlessly expressive

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