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Friday the 13th Part 2

Movie Commentary by Scott Ventura


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3 / 5
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July 2001
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Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
Steve Miner
horror, mystery
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Friday the 13th Part 2 surprised me. I admit that there were a few jump moments, mostly front-loaded, but I'm thinking more of the movie's unexpected entertainment value. I usually shy away from entries in the horror genre, but I'll make occasional exceptions for ones that promise some laughter. Part 2 appealed to the schlock-lover in me, and I watched with a sharp-witted audience to provide appropriate remarks. I don't know how I got in the mood this time, because this is the kind of movie I'm least likely to enjoy.

Most of the deaths were pretty silly, and not nearly as gory or suspense-laden as true horror films, providing plenty of fodder for our witticisms. Not being a connoisseur of dead teenager movies, I didn't anticipate seeing this many characters getting naked, another pleasant diversion. Best of all, Part 2 clocks in at less than ninety minutes, making it perfect for a quick laugh. The downside of that running time is the scant introductions for the characters. After a lengthy summary of Friday the 13th, personnel exposition is given low priority. Of course, if they're all going to die, why not have them be nearly identical?

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