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Feed My Ego? What Kind of a Domain is That?

There has been an awfully large volume of domain registration for the past few years. People have been snatching up good ones at a rate of thousands per day. When I went hunting for a domain to represent me, I tried lots of possibilities which were already gone.

The Stump Set
Glen Stump, a web designer
The New Spirit Korean Presbyterian Church of P.C.U.S.A.
one of the mail-forwarding domains owned by MailBank
Not a web site, but already taken by A. Chase Turner
Now home of Cimex Corporation, a software company. What they're doing with with a .org domain is beyond me. This domain was available for most of my search, but it was taken right after I picked.

The Ventura Set
used by Advanced Network Solutions as a redirection page to a listing of Ventura County, California businesses. This one really cheeses me because you don't ever see "" except when you type it in!
The Ventura County Clearinghouse which has government listings.
Advanced Network Solutions again
Not on the original list, but it's now a florist in Spain!

The Already-Taken Set

The Recommended Set

Lots of friends had ideas for domains. Most were available, but not all quite what I had in mind.

Ryan Sowers-Martinez

Josh Pincus

Josh also produced a set that were already taken:

Cameron Half

Pete Sierk

Sacha Uljon

The Winner

In the end, I decided to go with a frank descriptor for all personal websites. Why do I have a web site? To feed my ego! The only other reason I can imagine for someone to do so is to make money or at least build a reputation. I think we can all use a little truth in advURLtising. :-)

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